If Lost Her Nuts

 It is natural that an increasingly expect to be rich, stupid people aspire to be smart, low-level officials want the high office. An unemployed want to quickly get a steady job, a politician anxious to get the maximum profit.
All of the desire on the fair and is fine. Religion does not prohibit. Even God opened the door to pray for those who have different expectations. If requested earnestly, God will grant. As for many at least, within immediate or delayed, all depends on God's mercy. 

Basically all humans are inflicted upon good or bad is a test. But it was only those who are feeling bad overwritten tested, while that given a good feel loved. Though it can be overwritten so that evil was precisely God who became lovers. "We will test you with evil and good as a trial (in truth) and you We are only to be returned" (Surah Al-Anbiya: 35) 

Prophet Solomon was tested with many treasures, but he passed because always aware that the property he has is a gift as well as a test from God Almighty. 

"This is the Grace of my Lord to test me, whether I am grateful or kufr." (Surat an Naml: 40)
Prophet Ayyub tried with all that suffering, ranging from poverty to illness that never healed. But he passed these exams, since fixed in a state of patience and resignation. He remains aware that the pleasure given by God it is still far greater than the suffering they experienced. When his wife suggested him to ask for God's healing of his illness, he even said: "I am ashamed to God. For years I was healthy and the wealthy, while only a few moments I was sick and impoverished" 

Among us there are some who do not stand the test and trial from God, especially if the exam is given in the form of suffering and poverty. If you could choose, we prefer to be tested with a variety of goodness.
Because not a few among us then suppose. If I were rich, then most of the wealth that my charity for some orphans, construction of mosques, community welfare projects, and various other shalaih charity. Not infrequently this supposition then turned into a promise to yourself even to God Almighty. 

Promises like this done by many people with different intent and needs. When a vessel experienced severe fires, all its passengers into a panic. Among them is a promise with all my heart, if God save his soul, then the remaining days will be spent on good deeds and worship Him. 

For years, middle-aged man lying in a hospital. Various therapies have been undertaken, various drugs have been swallowed, but the conditions remain as they are, even worse. In times like this he khusyu 'pray to Allah and promise in her presence, when later given a healing, then all the charity of sin will soon be abandoned, some of his property would be donated, and he will return to the path of righteousness. 

A lowly employee struggling to raise his post. He also tried a higher school, hoping to move up faster. In the midst of his hard efforts he also promised if later held high office will consider the fate of subordinates and the fight for welfare level. The promise is sometimes not hidden for itself, but also conveyed to others, in this case co-same bad destiny. 

Perhaps the people mentioned above is ourselves. We were not well separated from the promises like this. While still a student, we are very idealistic. All acts of corruption we are about, instead we demonstrations. We also demand justice and fairness for all concerned. Spirit within us there is also a promise to yourself, if one day we became official, we will not repeat the same thing. All our acts of corruption, all of which we honestly do not brush. But what about after we have now become official? 

It's easy for us to make an appointment, either a promise to ourselves, to others, especially to God Almighty. However, if some of our expectations have been fulfilled, the promise to live a promise. When God gives wealth, we even corruption. When God gives us additional manjauh age instead of worship, close to immoral.
Conditions like these are then appointed by God in a verse: "And among them there are people who have berikarar to Allah, if Allah gives us some grace, surely we will give alms and surely we are of the righteous." And when God gives sebagain them grace, they were stingy with the gift and turned away, and they are indeed the people who always turned (the truth). So God led the hypocrisy in their hearts until the time they meet God, toward God because they deny what they have declared the Him and also because they always lie. Do not they know that Allah is aware of all the supernatural? " (Surat At-Tauba: 75-78) 

Abu Hurairah narrates a long hadith that tells the story of ugliness isiya betray the promises and risks that will be encountered, the Prophet said: "There were three people from the Children of Israel who were tested by God. They were there who had leprosy, there is a bald no hair and there are blind. Then God sent an angel to them. The first time an angel came to the leper. The angel asked: "What more do you want" People who leper replied, "I want to form a nice and smooth skin and loss of disease cause people disgust me. " 

Then the angel swept and there goes that nasty disease it instantly. And given the way he is nice and smooth skin. Furthermore, the angel asked again, "Treasure what you want?" He replied, "Camel". Then gave the pregnant camels and angels mendo'akannya, "SemogaAllah make this camel lot of seeds and produce children until doubled untamu" 

Furthermore, the angel came to see the bald while asking, "What more do you want?" The bald answer, "good hair loss and diseases that make people disgust me." 

The angel then swept over him, and there goes at once (ie, grow like normal hair.) Furthermore, the angel asked, "Treasure what you want?" bald man replied, "Cow". then given a pregnant cow and mendo'akan angel, "May Allah make the cow that gave birth to multiply seed of his sons to you."
Furthermore, the angel came to meet people who are blind as he asked, "What more do you want?" blind man replied "I wish may Allah restore my eyesight." 

The angel swept, and the blind can see back to normal. Then the angel asked again, "Treasure what you want?" blind man replied, "Goat". So given a pregnant goat. 

Thus the three kinds of animals, camels, cows, goats which had been given to the three poor people are now breeding. From day to day are also multiplying in number, so the three become wealthy people.
Who had had leprosy, now has a broad camel valley, as well as the diseased cow bald have a broad valley and oarng who was blind, now also has a broad valley goats as well. 

Then one day blossom into a human angel had leprosy came to the rich former had leprosy, then he asked, "I am a poor man who ran out of the cost of the trip. Maybe I'm not going to the place of destination today except with Allah's help rescue the master fan. I beg you, for the master gives the cost to continue my journey.
New rich people who had had leprosy, said, "I do a lot of debt to be paid." Mlaikat also said, "My lord, I think I know. Is not host aygn previously had leprosy that makes human revulsion to the lord and master state poor again. Now the lord blessed with many blessings Alalh this." 

The man was denied, "Not so this property is not from everywhere know?" but the hook-eye inherited from the father and grandfather. " 

The angel said also, "If the master is lying, may Allah mendajikan host as in the past"
After that go to the rich second angel who had been diseased bald. Then petitioned him for help, as he said to the first person earlier. The answer was the same, the rich reject and disbelieve, until the angel said to him: "If the master is lying, may Allah make masters like originally." 

Finally an angel came to a third of the nouveau riche, who had been suffering from blindness. Then the angels are describing it mean please help. Then people who had been blind man said "Yes, I was blind, then God restore my eyesight. Please take sekehendakmu what you want, leave the rest sekehendakmu too. By Allah, I will not menyusahkamu today by rejecting something you take for God

The angel then said. "Hold it your treasure, I will not take it. I just tested it, it's you pass this test. So God blessed you and your friend both hated
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